CUSO Home Lending

CUSO Home Lending is a mortgage bank that operates in two states. It specializes in the origination, servicing, and processing of home loans and mortgages.

CUSO Home Lending is a licensed mortgage organization owned by Maine Credit Union. It is the fourth-largest mortgage lender owned by a credit union in the US. Their goal is to provide both union and non-union members with competitive mortgage rates with excellent service delivery.

CUSO Home Lending offers loan programs that include VA, USDA, FHA, Reverse mortgages, Non-owner occupied, and non-conventional loans.

CUSO Home Lending has served its community since 1993. They offer essential programs to low-income home buyers and first-time home buyers.

CUSO Home Lending has tailored solutions for higher-income home buyers and real estate investors. CUSO Home Lending has a simple online loan application process.

A responsive customer care team will help you to fast-track your mortgage approval in minutes.

Their experienced and qualified customer care assistants will guide you with every step of your application. Their customer care assistants will inform you of the best loan program for your needs.

CUSO Home Lending is certified by Free and Clear as a bronze low-rate lender, and it is an industry leader in the house financing industry. Their reliable management team ensures they offer the best rates and solutions on the market.

CUSO Mortgage loans, rates, and fees.

When it comes to home loans, there are many options that you can choose from CUSO Home Lending. CUSO provides Conventional loans, Non-owner occupied loans, FHA, VA, USDA, Home Equity Loans(HELOC), land/lot loans, reverse mortgages, and other low or no-down-payment loans.

Interest rates may fluctuate due to numerous factors like inflation, economic growth, and Federal Reserve policies. Most of the time, interest rates are low and stable because the Federal reserve implements procedures to keep inflation low.

ARM Loans

ARM loans/ Adjustable-rate mortgage is a kind of loan that provides significantly lower rates than fixed-rate loans. The advantage is that its interest rates may change periodically depending on a preset index, which may go up or down as you complete your monthly payments.

Even though it may start at a lower rate, you should weigh the risk of rising loan rates.

ARM is an interesting option if you are in a situation where your income may increase in a few years or if you want to live in your house for a short period, then resell it.

FHA loans

If you are looking for mortgages with low down payment rates, CUSO Home Lending offers FHA and conventional loans.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development administers and insures FHA loans provided by lenders.

These loans have less strict eligibility criteria and interest rates of about 3%. You can opt for conventional loans, but they have a slightly higher interest rate than FHA loans.

Special Financing Loans

CUSO Home Lending offers special financing loans, including VA and USDA loans. Special financing loans have a down payment option of 0%, and they are easy to obtain if you are eligible.

USDA loans are provided to rural developers in eligible states, and VA loans are offered to United States veterans.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs administers and insures VA loans. If you are a qualified United States veteran, a VA loan is your best option when looking for little to no down payment.

If you have some cash that you can use for your down payment, you can compare the benefits of VA and conventional loans and then select a plan that will work for you.

Paying off a down payment will save you a lot of money in the long run.

CUSO Mortgage interest rates lock policy.

Since loan interest rates can fluctuate over time, CUSO Home Lending offers a loan rate lock option that allows you to guarantee specific loan rates and discount points for a specified period.

When you sign a lock agreement with CUSO Mortgage, they will honor the committed loan rates in case interest rates rise, and when interest rates fall, you have to keep your end of the deal by paying the agreed rate amount until your lock rate period expires.

CUSO Mortgage offers a 15-year loan program and a 30-year loan program. The 15-year mortgage plan allows you to own your house and pay it off after 15 years.

Even though they have a higher monthly payment than 30-year programs, they have significantly lower interest rates because of a shorter repayment period.

If you do not prefer the higher monthly payments, you can opt for a 30-year loan plan, which offers more lenient monthly rates.

A fifteen-year loan program can be advantageous because you will own your home in half the time, and it will save you a lot of money.

Pros of CUSO Home Lending

  • They have a fast loan approval process and an online loan application portal.
  • Unlike some lenders, they do not charge fees if you pay your loans early.
  • They have a loan rate lock policy that protects buyers if interest rates rise.

Cons of CUSO Home Lending

  • They are only registered in two states, but they offer reliable services to all their customers.


CUSO Home Lending offers tailored solutions that cater to the needs of different individuals. There are many financial decisions that you have to make when buying or repairing your home.

Cuso Home Lending provides a financial calculator to guide you in making the best decisions.

Cuso Mortgages is an essential lender to low-income earners and first-home buyers looking to spend less when purchasing a home. They offer fully insured lending services that ensure you don’t lose your money or your home in case of unexpected difficulties.

Cuso Mortgages has a simple loan application process and a fair eligibility criterion compared to other lenders.

For more information about the products that they offer, you can access their website home page.

You can also contact a loan officer who will provide any relevant information on loan applications and loan rates according to your residential area. Cuso is a reputable home loan lender with reliable services.

Compare Mortgage Providers

Mortgages are a big deal. It is good practice to compare mortgage providers to ensure that you are selecting a partner best suited to your needs. One that aligns with your values and makes you feel comfortable handling your mortgage.

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