How Often Can You File Bankruptcy?

How Often Can You File Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy causes a massive dent in your credit report. But unfortunately, some people may need to file it not once but multiple times. The good thing about bankruptcy laws is that they are accommodating. Part of the law means that you can file more than once. However, the filing does not come without […]

Credit Cards After Bankruptcy Solved

There is no doubt that filing for bankruptcy is one of the hardest decisions in life to make. Its impact is massive and usually leaves a negative trail on your credit report. However, it’s still possible to reorganize and rebuild your finances after bankruptcy. Getting the right credit cards after bankruptcy and having a sound […]

Debt Consolidation vs. Bankruptcy – Which is Better?

Drowning in debt is a scary experience and not a place you want to stay. Thankfully, there are legal paths you can take to obtain relief and hope for the future. Today we’re going to compare two of the most common: Debt Consolidation vs. Bankruptcy. We’ll look at both of them to help you better […]