Benchmark Mortgage and Their Principles

Benchmark Mortgage and Their Principles

Benchmark Mortgage or Benchmark Mortgage Home Loans is a full-service mortgage company based in Dallas, Texas. Founded back in 1999, the company has experienced incredible growth since. Benchmark Mortgage has developed a network of professional mortgage consultants in more than 80 branches across the country.

The company offers various types of mortgages including conventional, FHA, FHA 203K and VA mortgages to borrowers in over 40 states. One of the aspects that make Benchmark Mortgage stand out as a financial service company is the principled foundation of its business model.

The company employs an operational approach based on core values and customer relationships. Herein is a comprehensive look at the principles that help Benchmark Mortgage leave thousands of clients satisfied every month.


Benchmark Mortgage has thrived for more than two decades in the industry not just doing things well. The company always strives to conduct their business exceptionally well. It is for this reason that their services do not end when you close on your new home.

Benchmark Mortgage goes the extra mile with various complimentary services. These services ensure that they provide their clients with the best product for their unique financial situations. The company continually watches the market in relation to your personal home loan. In case of any changes that signal a benefit for you and your loan, the company will always notify you.

Benchmark Mortgage has invested in the necessary tools to monitor the market as it relates to personal mortgages. As part of their Lifetime Loan process, you will be afforded opportunities to save some money. Benchmark Mortgage conducts an in-depth review of all client mortgages every year.

The yearly reviews help keep you updated and informed on any actions you can take on your home loan.

The company ensures that they lay out all your options through an annual market forecast and personal action plan. The pillars of excellence at Benchmark Mortgage include knowledge, strategy, dedication, growth, effectiveness, and efficiency. These principles ensure that you get the most out of your home loan.


With today’s fast-paced world, all types of businesses face the challenge of an ever-changing business landscape. From technologies that disrupt established business to changes in consumer preferences and habits. All businesses must possess the ability to change and adapt to any kind of market change. Being dynamic is the only way for many businesses to stay competitive.

Benchmark Mortgage knows this and employs innovation and creativity to stay ahead of the competition. According to one of the founding partners of Benchmark Mortgage, Stewart Hunter, dynamicity is among the company’s main unique selling propositions. The firm’s principles regarding being dynamic include innovation, creativity, adaptability, courage, and marketability.


Success is the end goal for any business and also rings true for Benchmark Mortgage. For the company, realizing success in predetermined metrics is the gauge they use to determine their direction. As such, Benchmark Mortgage aims to be successful in every business goal, relationship, and endeavor. To ensure success the company emphasizes on planning, targeted goals, teamwork, alignment, and profitability. The application of the above principles has afforded Benchmark Mortgage several honors and awards including:

· #57 in the List of the Fastest Growing Companies in America( Inc. 500, 2004)

· #14 in The Prestigious Dallas 100 (2004 and 2013)

· #53 in Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America (Mortgage Executive Magazine)


Benchmark Mortgage placed a lot of emphasis on the importance of building strong relationships with their clients. One of the challenges facing the financial services industry is a lack of lasting relationships with consumers.

Oftentimes, the relationship between financial organizations and consumers is seen as only based on numbers and transactions. This is probably one of the reasons why many people opt out of financial services that may be beneficial for them.

At Benchmark Mortgage, all other aspects of their business come second to building relationships. According to the company, the key to their success and industry leadership is their current and future relationships. As such, Benchmark Mortgage focuses on strengthening and preserving these relationships.

The company carefully selects every party that they align with or do business with. Their choice of affiliates and partners is based on their four pillars of a strong relationship. These pillars are honesty, commitment, loyalty, and empathy.

Positive Attitude

One can never overestimate the importance of a positive attitude. This is more so for businesses dealing with financial services. At Benchmark Mortgage, all employees and affiliates are encouraged to conduct themselves with a positive attitude within their business premises.

The attitude of the people that you interact with will influence your decision to enlist for services. The pillars of positive attitude that Benchmark Mortgage emphasizes include passion, enthusiasm, confidence, belief, and simplicity.

Community Giveback

Giving back to the community is often an overlooked aspect of the business. Often, there is the fear that giving back can affect a business’s bottom line. This is usually not the case. Giving back to the community helps a business far more than it hurts it.

It fosters positive public relations, it is a form of brand recognition, it encourages employee engagement, it offers team-building opportunities and it can have some tax advantages.

Benchmark Mortgage comprehends the importance of giving back to the communities in which they operate. The company has collaborated with several foundations and oversees a number of community giveback programs. Some of them include:

· Brain Treatment Foundation – Benchmark Mortgage is a proud partner of the Brain Treatment Foundation. This non-profit organization offers support to initiatives related to the brain health of Armed Forces veterans. These initiatives include public education, research, treatment, and rehabilitation. Benchmark Mortgage holds an annual Boot’n and Shoot’n event that runs for several days. The primary beneficiary of this fundraiser is the Brain Treatment Foundation.

· Boots On! San Diego – Boots On! It is a local annual event initiated by the Benchmark Mortgage branch in San Diego. This event benefits the five assistance initiatives of the firm’s Boot Campaign. They include housing, jobs, family support, urgent assistance, and wellness.

· Boots In The Bluegrass – Boots in The Bluegrass is an initiative of the Benchmark Mortgage branch in Lexington, Kentucky. It aims to raise funds and offers support for veteran attendees of the Boot Campaign.

· 22KILL – Benchmark Mortgage collaborates with 22KILL to raise awareness of suicide rates among first responders and veterans. 22KILL also conducts public education on the mental issues affecting service members. Together with Benchmark Mortgage, they provide a variety of resources and programs for service members and their families.

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