What Happens to Repossessed Houses?

When a home is repossessed, the lender has taken back ownership. They weren’t paid according to the terms of the agreed-upon mortgage. Sadly, this happens when consumers buy a home they really couldn’t afford. For other households, they had every intention of making those payments. However, life interrupted those plans due to a death, divorce, […]

How do I Find Foreclosed Mobile Homes?

There is a lot of competition to find foreclosed mobile homes as there is a lot of profit on the purchase and the sale. What are the best places to find foreclosed mobile homes? Here are some places: Estate Agents Craigslist The County Assessor’s Office Sellers of mobile homes Neighbors What are mobile home repos? […]

What are the Practical Benefits of a Repurchase Agreement?

The repo market has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Recent studies have shown that more than $2 trillion is traded in the repo market every day. Despite the growing popularity, several people do not understand what a repurchase agreement is and how it works. In this comprehensive guide, we will be […]