Can You Buy Stocks With a Credit Card?

Can You Buy Stocks With a Credit Card

Using a credit card is a tempting way to buy something you can’t currently afford. But, unfortunately, that may be the same with buying stocks. Therefore you can buy stocks using a credit card. You will still need to pay it off, but it is a great way to get money fast.  Increasing Popularity of […]

The Ten Worst Credit Card Mistakes a Person Can Make

Worst Credit Card Mistakes

Having credit cards can be a great financial tool. They can help you build your credit, earn rewards for yourself, and provide some breathing room for your budget. However, if you’re not managing the usage of your credit cards correctly, what can happen is the opposite of being helpful. To help you avoid that, we’re […]

Do Car Payments Build Credit

car key with dollars and calculator

That new car smell, the envious looks from a passerby, and the wind in your face are all thrills of purchasing a new car. But do car payments build credit? Car loans can have a good and bad impact on your credit score depending on if you repay the auto loan in full and make […]

What Does A Credit Score Measure?

Credit Score Intended to Measure

What does a credit score measure? A credit score is intended to measure how trustworthy you are for an institution to lend you money. The higher your credit score, the more likely you will be lent money or qualify for a credit card. Read on to find out how your number can be checked and […]

Remove Inaccurate Inquiries From Your Credit Report

Get Inquiries Off Your Credit Report

Credit inquiries are potential lenders request to see your credit file. A single hard inquiry, also called a “hard pull,” isn’t likely to impact your eligibility for a new line of credit, such as a credit card. However, it can in certain cases affect your credit score for around two years. How do you get […]

What is Creditworthiness & What Factors are Considered?

What is Creditworthiness

What is creditworthiness? Creditworthiness is an important financial topic to understand because it impacts how credit lenders decide if you can get new credit. Your creditworthiness also plays a big role in your credit score. Because of this, you must understand what creditworthiness is, how to check your creditworthiness, and what you can do to […]

Living Without Credit Cards and Debt – Is It Possible?

Man calculating credit cards bill

Most people think that debt is necessary, but you can live without using debt or having to worry about your credit score. The benefits of living without credit cards and debt are easy to understand, but it’s also important to know the challenges that you’ll face and what you can do to overcome them if […]

Compare Discover vs Capital One Credit Cards

Discover vs Capital One

Discover and Capital One are two of the most reliable financial services providers in the country. In a way, “Discover vs Capital One” is the kind of debate that is simply inevitable considering where these two financial giants have positioned themselves in the industry. Of course, the choice between one or the other often comes […]

How Often Do Credit Scores Update?

How Often Do Credit Scores Update

If you check your credit score today and check it again a week later, there’s a good chance that those numbers won’t match. Have you ever wondered what happens between each credit inquiry? Why does your credit score change so frequently, and how often do credit scores update? Here’s everything you need to know about […]

Partially Secured Credit Cards

Partially Secured Credit Cards

Credit cards have become essential for paying for things daily for most people. Other advantages are that using a credit card will often help you quickly increase your credit score. But what does it mean when a credit card is partially secured? It means that, unlike an unsecured credit card, you will have to give […]