American Express CreditSecure

Unfortunately, having a credit card does not mean you will be protected against fraud. Some services will help protect you.

What is CreditSecure?

CreditSecure is a service offered by American Express to help monitor changes to your Credit Score and any fraudulent charges on your credit card.

Read on to learn exactly how CreditSecure works.

About American Express

American Express has served its customers with cutting-edge financial solutions for over 150 years. The financial industry leader has evolved over the years, and now they mainly focus on credit cards.

How Does Credit Secure Work?

CreditSecure is an identity protection and financial monitoring tool developed by the company to monitor individuals’ financial transactions, credit card reports, and transaction history for unauthorized activities.

Additional monitoring features include Social security trace alerts, child monitoring, and dark web monitoring.

American Express designed CreditSecure to provide timely credit monitoring assistance, warning alerts, and much more.

CreditSecure Monitors Identity Theft

Identity theft and financial fraud have risen, with individuals reporting new cases daily. Most of the time, institutions never trace the suspect.

CreditSecure will enable you to track all your financial activities online and offline so that no one interferes with your finances without being noticed.

CreditSecure will also assist you in the unfortunate circumstances when you lose your credit card.

CreditSecure Cutting-Edge Features

CreditSecure uses its cutting-edge features to provide the best financial security measures for your credit card.

They offer you a 30-day trial period for just $1. After your first month, you will pay $11.99 monthly, which they bill annually.

Features of Credit Secure

When you sign up with Credit Secure, you will receive credit reports from three leading bureaus. It is essential to check credit reports from all three bureaus because sometimes, these reports can differ significantly.

The three reports will help you to ensure that your creditors have the right information about your credit.

When you log into your CreditSecure portal, you will have a chance to request your financial reports up to two times in 30 days from each bureau.

CreditSecure works with Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian, who generate comprehensive reports whenever you need them.

FICO Score

CreditSecure features a Plus score, which estimates your FICO score. Financial institutions like banks use FICO scores/Credit scores to determine your eligibility to receive a mortgage or loan.

If you have low scores between 300 to 650, most institutions will not approve your loan requests because they will doubt your credibility.

Your Plus score guides you on how to pay off your debts to avoid a low FICO score.

Credit Report Alerts

CreditSecure features credit report alerts. Email alerts and notifications are vital in preventing identity theft and unauthorized transactions because they will notify you promptly in case of any changes to your account activities.

You will receive alerts of address changes, new account logins, inquiries, wrong information, and public record changes. This feature of CreditSecure will enable you to stay alert.

Fraud prevention and fraud resolution.

If American Express identifies any unusual activities on your credit card transactions, they will contact you and ask you to verify that the action is valid.

If you don’t recognize it, the company will take the necessary measures to rectify the situation.

Credit Secure will help you prevent any forms of fraud if your card is lost or stolen. If your card is lost, you can request to communicate with a specialist who will resolve your issues and advise you on the best path forward.

CreditSecure Pros

  • CreditSecure provides its users with data from the three leading credit bureaus.
  • It features a Plus score, which is a similar estimate to your FICO score.
  • It will help you to dispute errors on your credit card reports.
  • The tool provides reliable identity protection services.
  • They provide both online and offline membership.
  • You can access all three reports from the credit bureaus at any time.

CreditSecure Cons

  • It does not help with freezing your credit reports.
  • It does not have a free trial.
  • It does not have free credit monitoring services compared to other credit monitoring tools.

Reasons why you should pay for CreditSecure by American Express.

CreditSecure offers versatile features that are simple for everyday users. New users can try the service for $1 before they buy the full package.

Apart from the functionality features, you will have free access to various online tools like simulators, calculators, and online articles. These tools will help you with your planning activities and provide a wealth of information concerning financial topics.

CreditSecure offers identity theft insurance, which covers any damages due to fraudulent activities on your credit card. This assures you of their credibility and a warranty in case of any issues.

CreditSecure does not only serve American Express customers. They can help you with any credit card as long as you register your details with them.

Should you subscribe to CreditSecure?

CreditSecure is an essential tool, but it does not improve your credit scores. CreditSecure does not change your account transactions, account activity records, or access. It only monitors your activities and provides you with real-time information on the state of your credit card.

CreditSecure is essential if you suspect that your financial information is at risk. Nevertheless, it would be best if you did not wait to seek help until after the event.

With hackers’ techniques to steal personal information, keeping your card safe and out of reach is not enough. Hackers can now steal information from your computer and even in ATMs using cutting-edge technology.

You will also monitor your account transactions, and it will keep your finances safe through its identity protection features. If you want to try out CreditSecure, you can visit their website to find more information on how to sign up.

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