Remove Student Loans from your Credit Report

If you have been a student and have taken student loans, then you have probably realized what a strain these debts are when trying to get ahead in life. Can you remove student loans from your credit report? Short answer: Not easily. At least not legally. Student loans are the gifts that keep on giving […]

Do Balance Transfers Affect Your Credit?

Reducing Rates of Interest on Debts Are you considering moving high-interest debt from one credit card to another credit card that has a lower interest rate? Or even better, a zero percent interest period by performing a balance transfer? Doing a balance transfer can save you thousands of dollars while also making it much easier […]

Funding a Bank Account with a Credit Card

Can you use your credit card to fund your bank account? Maybe you want to put away a small nest egg in a savings account but have found the process of saving difficult. Maybe you are the kind of person who finds it easier to pay your credit card bills than save money. In this […]

Does Unemployment Affect Credit Score

“If your sole source of income is your employment, you’re one paycheck away from poverty!” Unfortunately, this phrase couldn’t be truer for the millions of unemployed Americans who have had to register for unemployment.  Does unemployment hurt your credit score? There’s no doubt that unemployment, especially the type that happens abruptly, can greatly disorient an […]

Two Tips to Quickly Get a Credit Card

6.3% is the official unemployment rate as calculated by the Labor Department. This translates to about 10.1 million Americans who are not only jobless but may be in dire need of some financial relief. This kind of relief can come from a new credit card. The problem with being in urgent need of a cash […]

American Express CreditSecure

Unfortunately, having a credit card does not mean you will be protected against fraud. Some services will help protect you. What is CreditSecure? CreditSecure is a service offered by American Express to help monitor changes to your Credit Score and any fraudulent charges on your credit card. Read on to learn exactly how CreditSecure works. […]

Unsecured Credit Cards

What are unsecured credit cards? Credit cards that we usually use for our purchases are unsecured. They are the most common type of credit card, and there is no collateral to secure them. It is not difficult to find unsecured credit cards as most of the credit cards on the market are unsecured. Generally, a […]

Understanding Secured Credit Cards

It can be tough to qualify for a credit card for people who have either poor or no credit. However, most people find that credit cards are essential for daily activities. Also, if you want to increase your credit score, it is much easier if you regularly use a credit card. If you don’t qualify […]

Credit Cards After Bankruptcy Solved

There is no doubt that filing for bankruptcy is one of the hardest decisions in life to make. Its impact is massive and usually leaves a negative trail on your credit report. However, it’s still possible to reorganize and rebuild your finances after bankruptcy. Getting the right credit cards after bankruptcy and having a sound […]