Mortgage Lifter Tomato

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Most of us use tomatoes on a daily basis but we know so little about their specific variety, their origin, or how they are grown.

Have you heard of the Mortgage Lifter tomato?

I know the name sounds so peculiar, but as you read on you will understand why it’s called by that name. If you love flavorful and large tomatoes, then the Mortgage Lifter tomato is one that you should consider. Besides being a large tomato variety, there is so much to learn about it. This article contains the details you will need to develop an in-depth understanding of Mortgage Lifter tomato.

What Is Mortgage Lifter Tomato?

It’s good to begin by reiterating that this is a large variety of tomatoes. It’s not like most of your average ones. It weighs an approximate of 1.13kg. Its fruits are large with few seeds. It’s also worth noting that it has a meaty texture that attracts many growers and tomato consumers to it. If you are one of the people who can’t have a sandwich without tomatoes on, then the Mortgage Lifter tomato is a variety you can consider.

Of great importance to those who grow tomatoes, Mortgage Lifter tomatoes are open-pollinated. Their fruits are pinkish red. Their average maturity period is roughly 80-85 days. The plant grows up to 2.7 meters. They bear fruit all through the growing period. With these characteristics, this is, definitely, a tomato variety that growers would want to learn more about.

Who Developed It and When?

It was developed by M.C. Byles, a radiator mechanic, in the 1930s. He was working from his repair store in Logan, West Virginia. During this time, one of the major things that were running through his mind was how he was going to pay off his mortgage. The depression period was tough on homeowners as they sought ways of paying off their loans. Anything that would have helped them clear their loans was greatly welcomed. Read on to know how mortgage loans have a connection to the tomato we are talking about.

It all started when Byles decided to crossbreed four large types of tomatoes. The tomato varieties included: German Johnson, an Italian variety, Beefsteak, and an English variety. He then saved the seeds of the tomatoes that came from the process. He spent the following 6 years cross-pollinating the finest seedlings. It was in the 1940s that he sold his tomato produce. He priced the Mortgage Lifter at $1 each.

At this time, the popularity of the Mortgage Lifter tomato was growing tremendously. Tomato growers were coming from far and wide to purchase the seedlings. In 6 years, Byles managed to pay his $6,000 loan. It is out of this that the tomato variety took the name Mortgage Lifter. In other words, it was out of the sales of the tomato variety that he overcame the burden of paying off his mortgage loan. If he was able to pay off his mortgage loan from tomato sales, then Mortgage Lifter tomatoes must have been in huge demand at the time.

How Is It Grown?

The growing procedure and care of Mortgage Lifter tomato is the same as that of other tomatoes. When you are having a shorter growing season, you should have the seeds remain indoors for about 6-8 weeks. You should take note of the cold weather since it is not good for the seedlings. Once you are sure that there is no danger of the cold weather for the seedlings, you can transfer them to the garden. It’s best that you choose a place where there is a sufficient supply of direct sunlight for about 8 hours in a day.

For quality growth, you should ensure that there is enough spacing between the plants. Preferably, 77-122 cm apart is ideal. Take note, that they should be spaced in rows. In order to allow enough and quality environment for growth, the rows should be placed every 3-4 feet. For better results, you can use cages or stakes to offer support to the long vines. Through this, the Mortgage Lifter plant will increase its chances of getting larger fruits. Additionally, harvesting will be much easier for you.

Another important aspect of growing that you will need to put into consideration is mulching. This will be helpful in retaining moisture, which is very essential for the healthy development of the tomatoes. Mortgage Lifter plants require a moisture level of 1-2 inches in a week. If such an amount of rain is available per week, then they will be receiving enough water for good growth. If the weekly rain is not enough, you should water the plants.

In order to enjoy a rich flavor of Mortgage Lifter tomatoes, wait until they are fully ripe for you to pick them. Certainly, these tomatoes are a great addition to your home garden and a flavorful ingredient to your meals. Moreover, they will give you financial returns if you choose to grow them for commercial purposes. You can sell the tomatoes at a market price of $5 each. This means that if you have 1000 pieces of Mortgage Lifter, you can earn up to $5000. Hence, growing Mortgage Lifter for business is a great idea that you can explore.

Whether you grow tomatoes for sale or for your own consumption, Mortgage Lifter is, undoubtedly, an option you can go for. Given the demand it attracts, it is certain there is a level of quality that this tomato variety gives to consumers. Its size and flavor are among the qualities that make it a must-have for consumers and business owners as well. If you have been looking for the tomato that will give you better and quality outcomes, Mortgage Lifter is one that you should highly consider. Try it out and see the difference it brings.

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