What Happens to Repossessed Houses?

When a home is repossessed, the lender has taken back ownership. They weren’t paid according to the terms of the agreed-upon mortgage. Sadly, this happens when consumers buy a home they really couldn’t afford. For other households, they had every intention of making those payments. However, life interrupted those plans due to a death, divorce, […]

What Credit Score is Needed for 21st Mortgage?

21st mortgage offers a variety of loans and options for mobile homes and manufactured homes. They are one of the best lenders for this type of property. You may wish to buy one to live in or for rental property. If you have equity in the property, you may be able to get cashback or […]

How Much are my Mortgage Payments?

An affordable mortgage is necessary. It reduces financial stress, helps you plan for the future, and helps you be ready for emergency expenses. A mortgage takes years to pay off, and you don’t want to worry all the time about those payments. Staying on top of them all begins with a price you can afford! […]

How do I Find Foreclosed Mobile Homes?

Buying foreclosed mobile homes can help you save money on the value of them. Such property has been taken back by the lender due to non-payment. They want to get the money still owed on the place, so you can often get them for less than they are worth. Of course, it depends on the […]

What are the Practical Benefits of a Repurchase Agreement?

The repo market has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Recent studies have shown that more than $2 trillion is traded in the repo market every day. Despite the growing popularity, several people do not understand what a repurchase agreement is and how it works. In this comprehensive guide, we will be […]

What Is A Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund refers to a financial vehicle that pools money from multiple investors to buy stocks, money market instruments, bonds, ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund), and any other securities. Mutual funds are run by money managers who allocate the funds in the most profitable way for investors. All mutual funds have a prospectus. The fund’s […]

Mortgage Lifter Tomato

Most of us use tomatoes on a daily basis but we know so little about their specific variety, their origin, or how they are grown. Have you heard of the Mortgage Lifter tomato? I know the name sounds so peculiar, but as you read on you will understand why it’s called by that name. If […]

American Express Credit Secure

About American Express American Express has served its customers with cutting-edge financial solutions for more than 150 years. The financial industry leader has evolved over the years, and now they mainly focus on credit cards. Credit Secure is an identity protection and financial monitoring tool developed by the company to monitor individuals’ financial transactions, credit […]

Taking Money From a 401K- What You Need to Know

If you have a 401K plan, you may be able to take money out of the account. Many people who have debt want to know the advantages and disadvantages of taking money out of 401k to pay debt. It can make sense in some cases. However, it is also endangering your retirement so you need to […]

George Mason Mortgage, LLC

George Mason Mortgage, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Bank, offers comprehensive mortgage solutions for a wide range of borrowers. Whether you’re moving into your first home or renovating a current space, George Mason Mortgage prides itself on simplifying the loan process for its customers with in-house underwriting, processing, and closing. George Mason Mortgage lends […]